The world has learned that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is Spider-Man. Now he has to overcome the trouble being caused by this. Peter enlists the help of Doctor Strange for help.


Doctor Strange removes this problem with his magic, but due to this many new problems come to the fore, which are now more dangerous and bigger.

As in Spider-Man's previous film Far From Home, where Peter Park's life changed, "No Way Home" moves from where it is important to keep Peter Parker's truth hidden from the world.

This is important not only to him, but to his friends and everyone else Peter loves. Peter needs help, he has to reach out to Doctor Strange.

Wants something to happen that everything should be like before. The magician Doctor Strange uses his powers to force the world to forget Spider-Man's identity, but the deal costs Peter.

Well, this isn't the first time we've seen Spider-Man in Marvel's multiverse. Earlier in 'Into the Spider-Verse', we saw many shocking things. But interestingly, this time it is bigger than them all.

This is Spider-Man's third film in the MCU i.e. Marvel Cinematic Universe, which not only shows action, but also tries to connect the audience emotionally by going away from it.

Director John Watts hasn't done it all of a sudden on screen. On the big canvas of the film, he does this from time to time exactly according to the situation.

Although there are some scenes that fail to engage the audience, but in most of the scenes, he has been successful in making an emotional connect with the audience.

Marvel has tried that this smallest superhero of the team of Avengers gets a lot of love from the people. The film has been successful in making this impression.