The Hundred Dresses Part 1 MCQ Class 10th MCQ With Answer

The Hundred Dresses Part 1 MCQ Class 10th MCQ With Answer

Hello, student if you are finding the hundred dresses part 1 mcq, then don’t worry because in this article we are seeing the top 22 hundred dresses part 1 mcq. If you are worrying about your MCQ test paper then you should read this hundred dresses part 1 mcq blog. So here is the top 22 hundred dresses part 1 mcq.

Q. 1) Who is the author of “The Hundred Dresses”?

A) Liam O’ Flaherty
B) Frederick Forsyth
C) Roal Dahl
D) El Bsor Ester

Q. 2) Why did Wanda used to sit there?

A) she didn’t score a very good mark
B) her feet were filled with dirt and mud
C) her friends sat there
D) no one really knows

Q. 3) Who was the most popular girl in school?

A) Wanda
B) Maddie
C) Peggy
D) all of them

Q. 4)How many shoes did Wanda say she had?

A) 50
B) 100
C) 10
D) 60

Q. 5) Why did Maddie not write to Peggy in the first place?

A) She was afraid she’d be next to get teased
B) She thought Peggy was right in teasing Wanda
C) She did not really care
D) She realized Wanda deserved it

Q. 6) Where did they used to wait for Wanda?

A) Bakers street
B) Boggins Heights
C) Boggins street
D) Oliver street

Q. 7) Who did Maddie think would win the contest?

A) Wanda
B) Maddie
C) Peggy
D) None of the above

Q. 8) What was Wanda’s full name?

A) Wanda Polenski
B) Wanda Petronski
C) Wanda Patrick
D) Wanda Polish

Q. 9) How do other girls treat Wanda?

A) She doesn’t make fun of Wanda.
B) She like Wanda a lot.
C) She hated Wanda a lot.
D) None of the Above

Q. 10) Who won the drawing contest?

A) Peggy
B) Wanda
C) Maddie
D) None of them

Q. 11) Why does Wanda say that she has a hundred dresses?

A) Because she has.
B) To counter other girls.
C) She loves to rant.
D) None of the Above

Q. 12) Why does Maddie stand by and not do anything?

A) Because she was herself victim
B) Because she doesn’t have courage
C) Because she doesn’t want to
D) None of the Above

Q. 13) Where in the classroom does Wanda sit?

A) End corner
B) Middle
C) Front
D) Rotational

Q. 14) What was the colour of the dress in Peggy’e drawing?

A) Red
B) White
C) Blue
D) Green

Q. 15) Which classroom did they all sit in?

A) Room fifteen
B) Room thirteen
C) Room twelve
D) Room eleven

Q. 16) According to the class, the girl who would win

A) Maddie
B) Peggy
C) Wanda
D) C.N

Q. 17) Pick the statement that is TRUE, according to the information given in the extract.

A) Wanda won the prize because she had submitted a variety of entries.
B) Wanda would have still won the prize even if she had submitted just one entry.
C) Wanda won the prize because the majority of the judges were women.
D) Wanda would have still won the prize if she had drawn something else.

Q. 18) When the teacher wants them to ‘file around’, she wants the students to

A) put the files in their proper places.
B) gather around her table to discuss the designs.
C) file the designs properly in their folders.
D) walk in a line to admire the designs.

Q. 19) The teacher refers to Wanda’s designs as ‘exquisite’ because

A) each one of the hundred designs was different.
B) each one of them was very beautiful.
C) each of them was a copy of the latest fashion trend.
D) each one had the same colour theme as the other.

Q. 20) The ‘most courteous manner’ here means that Peggy was

A) on her best behaviour.
B) teasing Wanda.
C) trying to impress Wanda.
D) respectful to Wanda.

Q. 21) What does Miss Mason think of Wanda’s drawing?

A) Exquisite
B) Ugly
C) Average
D) None of the Above

Q. 22) Who won the drawing contest for boys at school?

A) Jake
B) Maddie
C) Wanda
D) Michael

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