Pathaan: Box Office Collection, Total 1000+ Crore Worldwide, Pathan Movie Hit or Flop

Pathaan: Day 8 Box Office Collection, Total 635 Crore Worldwide, Pathan Movie Hit or Flop | Pathaan Day 1 to 8 Box Office Collection

The “Pathaan” box office collection refers to the total amount of money generated from ticket sales for the Bollywood film “Pathaan” in India and worldwide. The box office earnings of a film are an important indicator of its commercial success and can be used to gauge its popularity among audiences. The box office collections for “Pathan” would include revenue from both theatrical releases (in cinemas) and online streaming platforms.

In India, the box office collection of “Pathaan” would include revenue generated from ticket sales in cinemas across the country. Worldwide, the film’s box office earnings would include revenue generated from ticket sales in international markets, as well as from online streaming platforms.

Pathaan: Day 9 Box Office Collection, Total 664 Crore Worldwide

Pathaan day 1 collection 

‘Pathaan,’ starring Shah Rukh Khan, is off to a flying start not only in India but also overseas. The film has earned approximately Rs 54 crore net at the domestic box office, with a similar opening at the international box office.

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According to preliminary estimates, ‘Pathaan’ earned $4.5 million on Wednesday. According to Boxoffice India, the worldwide opening day figure is more than 100 crore net, and ‘Pathaan’ is also the first film to break the century mark with a worldwide gross collection of Rs100-110 crore. According to reports, the collection in North America will soon surpass $1.5 million.

Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection Overview

Number Of DaysBox Office Collections
Pathaan day 1 collection 54 crore
Pathaan day 2 collection 68 crore
Pathaan day 3 collection 67.86 crores
Pathaan day 4 collection 55 crore
Pathaan day 5 collection 60 crore
Pathaan day 6 collection 16 crore
Pathaan day 7 collection 22 crore
Pathaan day 8 collection 19 crore
Pathaan day 9 collection 16 crore

The Gulf market is expected to contribute more than $1 million to the film’s total, and ‘Pathaan’ is expected to be the highest-grossing Hindi film in the Gulf following the pandemic in just two days of release. With this massive release, Shah Rukh Khan has established his dominance. The film has already surpassed Hrithik Roshan’s ‘War’ (Rs 50 crore) and Yash’s ‘KGF: 2’ Hindi opening day collections (Rs 52 crore). After its first weekend.

Pathan day 2 collection 

Pathaan earned Rs 68 crore net on day 2 in Hindi, while the dubbed formats earned Rs 2.5 crore nett. On Day 2, the total India collection was Rs 70.50 crore net (Rs 82.94 crore gross). On the other hand, the overseas collection was also impressive, totaling Rs 30.70 crore.

With its worldwide earnings, the film has already surpassed the Rs 200 crore mark. While it may fall slightly on Friday, the weekend will only add to its momentum. Pathaan will soon surpass the Rs 200 crore mark in India as well.

Pathan day 3 collection 

Pathan, a crime thriller directed by Siddharth Anand, was released in theatres on January 25, 2023. The film was released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu across the country. The films appear to have received a lot of praise and positive feedback from both audiences and critics. The film reportedly grossed over 67.86 crores (US$8.5 million) on its first day of release in India and 29.31 crores (US$3.7 million) globally. At the box office, the film earned a total of 97.17 crores, or $12 million (worldwide).

Pathaan crossed the Rs 150 crore mark in India on Day 3, January 27. Meanwhile, it has reached the coveted Rs 300-crore mark globally in just three days!

Pathan day 4 collection 

The film had a massive opening for a non-holiday release, followed by an equally massive feat for day two of the film, which was a national holiday. The film has certainly maintained its momentum, but the weekend looks promising for the Shah Rukh Khan vehicle.

Pathaan earned Rs 55 crore on day 4 at the box office, the first Saturday for the film, according to early estimates. If early estimates are correct, the film is on track to earn Rs 250 crores in just 5 days at the box office, and it appears to be the much-needed breather that Bollywood required after all.

Pathan day 5 collection 

On the fifth day, it earned Rs 60 crore (Sunday). Pathaan’s box office collection in India has surpassed Rs 275 crore (nett) over the extended weekend. Pathaan is also the fastest film in history to cross the Rs 200 crore mark, beating KGF 2 and Baahubali 2’s Hindi versions, which did so on their fifth and sixth days, respectively.

The film is now attempting to break Dangal’s record of Rs 387 crore as the highest-grossing Hindi film of all time. Pathaan is smashing ticket counters not only in India but also internationally, with the film earning a whopping Rs 542 crore in only five days of release.

Pathan day 6 collection 

Pathaan has earned $27.56 million (Rs 224.6 crore) in overseas territories alone in six days, with a nett collection of Rs 307.25 crore in India (Hindi – Rs 296.50 crore, Dubbed – Rs 10.75 crore).

Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film, is making box office history with each passing day. The SRK-starrer has done record-breaking business on the sixth day, bringing it closer to the Rs 600 crore mark. Pathaan has earned Rs 591 crore at the box office worldwide, according to the latest box office figures. On day 6, the overseas gross is Rs 16 crore.

Pathan day 7 collection 

The film performed exceptionally well on Tuesday after registering a strong hold on its first Monday with a gathering of Rs 25.50 crore.

According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh, Pathaan earned Rs 22 crore on day seven of release, bringing the film’s domestic haul to around Rs 318.5 crore nett in Hindi, plus another Rs 11.75 crore in the dubbed Tamil and Telugu versions, for a total of Rs 330 crore in India. On a working day, it saw a 15% decrease in collections.

Pathan day 8 collection 

The international revenue for day six is Rs 16 crore. “Pathaan” has earned $27.56 million (Rs 224.6 crore) in foreign markets in just six days, while its domestic net earnings currently stand at 307.25 million (Hindi – Rs 296.50 crore, dubbed – Rs 10.75 crore). The Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection is on its way to breaking the record set by SS Rajamouli’s “RRR”. Even though the totals were lower than the previous day’s record-breaking totals, they were still higher than expected.

Pathan Movie Details Overview

Name Of MoviePathan
LanguagesHindi, Telugu, Tamil
budget250 crores
Running Time146 Minutes
Movie DirectorSiddharth Anand
Movie Producer Aditya Chopra
Movie Production Company NameYash Raj Films
OTT ReleaseN/A

FAQs – Pathaan: Day 8 Box Office Collection, Total 635 Crore Worldwide

What is a box office collection?

Box office collection refers to the total revenue generated by a film from ticket sales at the theatres.

How is box office collection calculated?

Box office collection is calculated by adding up the ticket sales from all the theatres showing the film. This includes both domestic and international theatres.

What factors influence box office collection?

Several factors can influence box office collection, including the popularity of the actors, the genre of the film, the production budget, marketing and promotion efforts, and competition from other films. 

How does box office collection affect the film industry?

Box office collection is a crucial metric for the film industry as it directly impacts the financial success of a film and the prospects of the actors, directors, and production houses involved in the film.


The movie Pathan is the second mega blockbuster of Sha Rukh Khan’s film career after the movie ‘DDLJ’. Also, this movie has broken more than 17 records to become a mega-blockbuster

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