How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level Instant Result 2023

How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level

If you want to know how to start upsc preparation from zero level here are a few steps to give the edge to the readers in one of the most difficult papers in India. As you all must be aware, the UPSC examination is in three stages. The first steps of How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level is involve prelims here which are divided into 2 papers.

Paper 1 consists of GS questions and current affairs. And Paper 2 is CSAT which includes reading compression, numerical ability test and logical reasoning. Paper 2 is of qualifying nature means one should get only 33% to get clear paper 2. However, Paper 1 is decided by cut-off marks. 

After clearing prelims, the second phase is about answer writing. Here, 9 papers consist. After the last stage is the interview. So, here are some Guru mantras to get some edge over another lakh of students to clear the exam. let’s see How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level

Have your detailed plan

Have your detailed plan about How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level. The most crucial component of any competitive exam is exam preparation. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be when taking the UPSC exam. It is even more important when students have a job, family, or other obligations and must find time in their busy schedules to plan for the UPSC exam.

The first process would be to develop a detailed study plan based on the amount of time you have available for preparations. This should include creating a list of all the subjects that require detailed revision, as well as an estimate of the time required to complete them, with adequate practice exercises planned as part of the timetable.

Keep the required study material handy

After you have made your plans, you need to look for the study material you need. Start from the basics, to understand the core concept. And then move forward to the standard books. If you are someone who has an understanding of the basics then you can move on to directly standard books. Still, it is advisable to start from the NCERTs in the beginning. 

How to Cover Syllabus

As a UPSC student, one must read, re-read the syllabus of UPSC, and takeout all the keywords from the syllabus and search it on the net and one will find the basic definition of the topic that will help in searching for deeper meaning as it helps during the preparation of mains answer writing. 

A detailed understanding of the syllabus is one of the first and most important steps of the preparation as it will get you under the skin of the UPSC.

Previous year’s question Papers

This step is single-handedly one of the most successful steps to get in the ranks as this process of analyzing the previous year’s question paper gives you a clear understanding of what UPSC demands from you. And if you analyse the paper well then you can get the straight question in your appearing year also. As in the year 2022 in the Prelims, almost 22 out of 100 questions are from the past year papers. So, analyzing this will give the edge.

The trick to read Newspaper

Decide from a very early to which newspaper you want to stick to, even if you wish to do more than 2 books, that’s also good, the only difference between 2 popular newspapers is the editorial, section because these are written by different- different authors and they have a different point of view. 

When you are completely done with the static portion, then when you will read newspaper articles, and editorial you will better understand them. It’s a myth that you always need to cover the editorial. You must understand why people say that. Because editorials are based on current happening. E.g. a Few days ago the Congress Presidential election was happening. And the term coined out of this was “internal democracy”. So many articles were written on this. And concerning the power of the governor to be vice chancellor in-state university. So many articles were written discussing how the power of the governor has been highlighted in the constitution and many other things related to it. 

Also while reading the article you need not stick to the author’s point of view. You need to have your point of view. You need not stick to the one-sided view. 

Revision and application are the Keys 

To start with the revision part, you should try to recall the topic you have studied in your mind. In this method, you should study one para and maybe 2 if one is too short. Then explain it loudly, (like you are explaining it to someone else sitting in front of you). This revision method may be time-consuming, but it can give you more benefits than any other method.

All your preparation and months of hard work are of no use if you don’t check yourself, and where you stand. If you have made 2-3 revisions for the GS paper, you can give the mock. After every mock, see the areas where you lack, and revise them again, this way at the end you will be done with the revision along with the practice.

While you are revising the topics, frame questions by yourself and ask yourself the question.

Your Handwriting

Even if you have heard from lots of people that handwriting doesn’t matter. Ignore that, it does. Just imagine the examiner is checking the copy and due to poor handwriting, he/she is unable to understand what someone has written, even if he will not deduct the marks, surely you will lose the marks. One can’t give you marks, just because you have written something.

So It is advisable to work on your handwriting. If it is not good. 

About socialisation 

Keeping yourself away from the world and deleting all social media, is the new trend among UPSC aspirants. But this may work for a few and not for everyone. You should not blindly follow them. 

To enable you to see diverse points of view, surround yourself with witty and opinionated people and engage in top-notch discussions and discourse.

About Health

One must take time off from their busy schedule for mental health as the preparation of UPSC is a time-consuming process and can’t be completed in a month or two. So, one must take periodic rest from the studies so that one’s brain can reboot itself.

Nowadays, as a student, we often neglect the physical aspect of the body. Students must do any physical activity to keep their bodies in shape. Here exercise doesn’t mean having bigger biceps and six packs and all it’s all the personal choice of the student.

So, both mental and physical health is important for the student. And also one must develop some new hobbies to do a single day to refresh the mind and it also helps the student during the filling form in later stage and interview stage.

Coaching is important for UPSC Deep Discussion

How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level. With the increasing number of coaching institutes and aspirants for UPSC, it has become quite confusing for students to determine whether to join coaching or not. This question is also coming to your mind because you have listened to lots of toppers, and many mentors saying that you should join coaching and some of them say you should not. We will make sure that at the end of this article you are clear about coaching for UPSC preparation; necessary or not?

How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level Instantly. This article will cover changing the meaning of coaching, and how to analyze yourself before joining one because different people have different perspectives.

What is coaching?

The initial meaning of coaching requires you to be physically present in the class and learn from your mentor face to face. But in the 21st century where the internet is available at the fingertip of everyone and also we know that after the pandemic how all coaching has turned to online mode to impart education.

The trend of UPSC coaching: necessary or not, is asked because from the very beginning this exam is considered to be very prestigious and every person was aiming to ace it, even at that time this exam would be so tough that people go to coaching at a famous place called Mukharjee Nagar in Delhi.

But with the changing time, we have lots of coaching in almost every other city, and most of the coaching institutes have opted for both online and offline options to teach. Hence with time coaching, ’s have changed a lot, what you are thinking of coaching as a platform holds a different meaning 5 years ago and today.

Why you should analyse yourself to know more about Coaching for UPSC preparation: necessary or not

Every single aspirant has different needs, concerning understanding things, grasping knowledge etc.

You should know your weak areas and strong areas.

Maybe you are good at a certain subject and not good at others. If you have read those subjects in your school or your graduation, then you must be knowing the basics of that subject. You can be related to this that, in most cases, people opt for the optional which they have studied earlier in their graduation or in some other way and have very good command over them.

Analyze your weak subject first then think about joining coaching. You should never join coaching at first for all the subjects. This way you will be only wasting your precious time and money.

In the end, you should think about the money involved, and with the advent of online coaching, you should decide whether you can have a better understanding of online coaching or offline coaching. Because some people understand better in physical mode

Things to keep in mind before joining Coaching?

Think of whether you want to coach for only optional subjects or only GS papers, or you need coaching overall. Don’t just blindly join coaching for overall subjects.

Keep in mind that, all the banners and advertisements that stopper ‘X’ have joined this and that coaching, you must know that even when a person has given a single mock test, they became their student. Because most of the coaching now has hidden terms and conditions, whereby a person can become their student and the coach got the right to publish their name as their student in the advertisement. So don’t fall into such a trap.

In most cases, offline coaching is more expensive than offline one. You can make your budget and decide whether you can afford offline coaching or not. Make sure to make the budget keeping in mind whether you will join coaching in your city or another city.

You must know that coaching only contributes to 30- 35% of your preparation rest is your hard work, coaching can’t do anything if you are not doing your 100%.

Coaching institutes will help you get a broad idea if you are entirely ignorant about the exam procedure or the books you need to study. But, you must still read basic books, make your notes, and put in the effort to outperform your competition.

Pros of joining the coaching

  • For people who understand better in face-to-face interaction.
  • You can get your doubt cleared
  • You will have other competitors, to know where you stand.
  • You will have a defined and well-structured schedule, so there is no chance that you don’t follow them. E.g. you have to go to coaching at a certain time and come at and certain time, and you can’t make any changes just because you are not liking the schedule. You have to study at a particular time, no matter what other plans you have.

Cons of Joining coaching

  • Being away from family and friends may make you depressed.
  • Remember, you will not always get a positive competitive environment.
  • It’s not always possible to clear your doubt in the classroom, because coaching’s nowadays filled with so many students that it had become almost impossible to answer every question.
  • Whatever commitment is made to you at the beginning, which makes you join coaching is rarely accomplished.

If you have some questions regarding How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level then you should read the FAQ on How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level.

FAQs- How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level

Is it necessary that all your doubts will be cleared in the offline coaching institute?

Nowadays, coaching is looking for more profit, thus they have 200- 500 students in one batch, in such a crowd it is not possible to answer the question from every single student.

Is there any coaching that has less than 100 students in one class or a school class-like structure?

Yes. There is some coaching institute which focuses on quality over quantity, and they enrol only 45, 75 or less than 100 student in one batch.

Is the online and offline material of the same coaching different or similar?

In most cases the material provides by coaching to their offline and online student are same. But when comes to lectures, you may get a recorded lecture from faculty that is teaching there in offline class. Chances are also that you get different faculty for the same subject who is teaching in offline class.

Does all the students who advertise the coaching, have surely joined and studied at that coaching institute?

This is not true. In many cases, students/toppers are paid to visit the coaching institute to give lectures or guidance on how to prepare for UPSC.

Is it necessary to read more than one newspaper?

No. not at all, you can either join one or if you are reading 2 newspapers, you need not read the whole newspaper.

What to skip in the newspaper?

You can skip political and sports news.

Is it necessary to cover one topic from different sources?

No, it is not necessary. But you can do so if your concept is not clear.

Does questions get repeted in UPSC examination?

Yes, it is. But the possibility is very rare.


In the end, you know How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level, and you are a master of your thought, now you must be clear about whether you want to join coaching and remember coaching can only be guided and the rest is in your hand. Also, keep in mind that there are lots of online coaching platforms, if your desired need is getting fulfilled by them, then there is no need to join offline coaching. Now you know How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level

So now, you must be knowing that How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level, UPSC is overall about not just what you are reading, but also about how you are keeping up with yourself, about your mental and physical health, how better you are at revising and applying everything on the paper that you have read so far. I think you are understood How To Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level.

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