How To Start Blogging In India – Start Your Own Blog And Earn Money In 2020

Start Blogging & Earn Money

Do you search how to make money with blogging on Google? If yes! So you have come to the right place, and after today you will not even need to do this search. Today, in this article, we will know all the things that are necessary for blogging and how much it costs, and how to make money with blogging.

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How To Make Money With Blogging In 7 Easy Steps

1. Select a perfect niche for your blog

2. choose a blogging platform

3. choose a Domain Name

4. Purchase web hosting

5. Select the best theme and design your blog

6. write content on your blog and promotion

7. Make money with blogging

How to make money with blogging in 7 easy steps detail

Step # 1 Select a perfect niche for your blog

If you have to start a blog, then first you have to choose the right niche.

First of all, you select the same niche in which you have an interest and continue to make interest even further and you continue your blogging journey.

Second, select a niche in which the audience is also interested.

Step # 2 Select Perfect Platform

There are two platforms for blogging, one is WordPress and the other is Blogger, both of them also have their own benefits.


In Blogger you do not need to purchase hosting or domain. You can run a blog for free and turn on monetization and you can earn money after turning on monetization, which means that Blogger is completely free.

If you are a beginner, you do not have money, then you can go with the blogger.

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If you use WordPress, then you will have to purchase hosting as well as a domain.

In WordPress, you get more options than Blogger to customize your blog and many usable plug-ins are also available so that you can make your blog professional. This is the advantage of WordPress.

Step # 3 Choose a Domain Name

First of all, you will have to buy a unique domain name that is similar to your niche. Once purchased, you will not be able to change that domain name.

You can buy domain names from any third-party website such as Godaddy, Name Cheap, hosting, etc.

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Step # 4 Purchase Web Hosting

If you want to purchase web hosting, then do the best hosting purchase so that your website will be able to withstand the traffic.

The Bluehost is providing the best hosting. Bluehost hosting is the fastest and lightweight. Suppose that as soon as the cloud hosting, it can comfortably afford the traffic of your website.

I will be recommended you use Bluehost hosting.

Then you have to connect the domain with hosting and install WordPress, for this, watch the video below.

Step # 5 Select the theme and design your blog

The first thing your blog will need a face, that is to say, you have to customize the home screen and design it. Which makes your blog a professional blog.

There are many plugins for designing a WordPress blog well, you can customize your WordPress blog very well by using those plugins.

Step # 6 Write content on your blog and promote

After all this is done, all your work is finished, all you have to do is to write content for your blog.

if you follow that point given below, your blog will grow quickly and you will also have income.


You have to regularly update your blog, which means you have to publish a post every day and share it on social media and make it prominent.

If you maintain regulatorily, your blog will grow quickly.

#Content Writing

You have to use such language in your article which makes it easy for your audience to understand. Use easy language in your article, so that your audience will understand what you want to tell.

#SEO Friendly Article

You have to do on-page SEO in your blog, that means you have to write SEO friendly articles like this.

If you do not know what are SEO friendly articles and how to write them, then definitely watch the video below.

Step # 7 Make Money With blogging

There are countless ways to earn money from blogging, I am going to tell you some of these clever ways, you can make income by using these methods.

#Affiliate Programs

You can do an affiliate marketing of any company on your blog. If you promote any one product of another company, then you get a commission.

You can promote Amazon’s product in your blog. You will get a commission for promoting the product, you can earn money from it.

> Best Affiliates Networks

#advertisement by google

You can use Google Adsense in your blog. Google Adsense will show ads on your blog and will give you money for impressions and clicks, which means you can earn money by showing ads on your blog. Google Adsense is a product of Google.

> how to get approved by AdSense


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