How To Reset Jio Phone | Instantly Hard Reset Your Jio Phone

How To Reset Jio Phone
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Hello friends, hope you are doing great. And we know that you have been searching for how to reset jio phone. That is why you are here reading this. We welcome you here, and in this blog, we will tell you in detail about how to reset jio phone.

There can be many reasons why you are looking for how to reset jio phone, but we will not go into the reason why you are searching for how to reset jio phone, instead, we will tell you the answer on how to reset jio phone and some other important information that you need to know which is related to how to reset jio phone.  So stay tuned till the end, to know the step-by-step answer on how to reset jio phone. 

How To Reset Jio Phone By A Boot Method

  • To begin, you must know the model of your Jio phone, followed by the boot key for that model of Jio phone.
  • So, remove the battery to determine the model and look for the boot key for your model of Jio phone listed below.
  • Continue to press the power and boot buttons on your Jio phone.
  • When the Jio logo appears, release the power button but keep pressing the boot button until the Jio phone’s boot screen appears.
  • Scroll down and select the Wipe data/ Factory reset option, then tap the power key to enter it.
  • After selecting Yes for the confirmation of erasing all data, press the power button.
  • Finally, the operation of wiping data on your Jio phone would begin, and after a few seconds, tap the power button.
  • When you press the power button, your Jio phone will reboot and turn on. Now, all information on your Jio phone will be erased or deleted.
  • As a result, the mobile operating system will be as new as a new Jio phone, and you will need to select the language when you open the phone.
  • If you forgot your password and followed the resetting procedure, your Jio phone would not prompt you for your password or pin.

How To Reset Jio Phone By Hard Reset  Method

You would factory reset your Jio phone using the phone settings in this method. So, if you have forgotten your Jio phone’s password and want to reset it, this method will not work.

If you need to erase all data from your Jio phone for any reason, you can use this method, which is simpler than the previous method.

Furthermore, the steps or process are the same for each model of Jio phone. You do not need your jio phone’s boot key to reset it using this method.

To know how to reset Jio Phone, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to your Jio phone’s settings.
  • From the horizontal tab section, select Device.
  • Select the option for device information.
  • Scroll down to the Reset Phone option and tap it.
  • Your Jio phone will now be formatted and rebooted.

Finally, after following the entire procedure of resetting jio phone using phone settings, your jio phone will be successfully formatted and a new default function will be installed.

Also, the problem that was occurring on your Jio phone as a result of that would be resolved after the hard reset as your Jio phone would be restored as if it were a new Jio phone.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Knowing How To Reset Jio Phone

  • Maintain a file backup: Always keep a backup file on hand before beginning the device reset process. This can assist you in bringing important files and documents with you. When you perform a reset, you will lose all of your stored data.
  • Examine the battery’s charge level: Ascertain that your device is at least 75% charged. You do not need to charge your device again if the reset process takes longer than expected. If your device turns off due to a lack of charge during the hard reset process, it may cause other problems.
  • Remove the SIM and SD cards: It is recommended to remove the SIM card and Memory card (SD card) from some devices.

FAQs- How To Reset Jio Phone

How to recover Jio Phone 2

To begin, turn off your LYF Jio Phone 2 by pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds. Now, simultaneously press the A and Power keys until the Jio logo appears. Release all held keys as soon as KaiOS Recovery appears. Use the control buttons to scroll down the menu until no options are selected.

How to unlock Jio phone without losing data?

By the way, there is currently no method for unlocking a Jio phone without losing data. To unlock your Jio phone, you must perform a hard reset using the recovery panel.

How do I factory reset my KaiOS?

Release all held keys as soon as KaiOS Recovery appears. Use the control buttons to scroll down the menu until no options are selected. The Factory Reset option is off-screen; select it and confirm by pressing the Power button.


To wrap up, I am sure that, you have find the solution to your problem on how to reset jio phone and any other related query or FAQs that arise in your mind related to how to reset jio phone. There are two methods given above on how to reset jio phone, you can follow any of them, which works for you.

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