How To Earn Money Online (Best Way) On Internet By Sharing Knowledge In 2020

Today I will tell you a way to earn money online on the internet by sharing your knowledge. With the help of which you can easily make income sitting at home. If you come this way, you will have a good income but you will have to work hard only then you will get the result.

you Don’t know how to make money from YouTube? Do you also want to earn money from YouTube? If yes! So keep up with this article, you will get all the information in this article.

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How You Can Make Videos For YouTube?

* Choose Category

Before making YouTube videos, you have to select a category under which category you will create videos.

You can share the knowledge of what you know about yourself through your videos on YouTube. Suppose you like cooking, then you can make videos related to cooking, if you have an interest in technology, then you can open your channel related to tech and explain it to your audience through videos that you want to explain.

* Deep Research On Your Category

You have to do research in the category you have chosen. Like who makes the best videos in the category and what is the uniqueness of that video.

* Create A YouTube Channel

You have to create your new YouTube channel with a unique name. Applying a good logo and waist photo will increase your channel’s unicolor and will also make the viewers feel good.

* Upload Video On YouTube

Now I will tell you how to work on YouTube, follow all these steps, then you will be surprised to see the growth of your channel.

** Regular Upload Videos
  Now you have to upload videos regular time. You do not have to leave a single day, when you upload videos regularly, your channel will grow quickly.

** Title And Thumbnail
Videos have to give you a good title so that the viewer does not go without clicking on it and at the same time thumbnail will not be liked, because this will increase the chances of increasing your views.

** Helpful Content
You have to create such a video or say content that benefits the viewer and not that the content is useless. If the viewer likes your content, then he will also subscribe to your channel and this will increase the growth of your channel.

** Unique About Section
You will find about section on the YouTube channel, in that about section you have to tell about the channel. I want to tell you about that section you have to write in a unique way so that the reader will like it.

How to Earn Money by Uploading Videos on YouTube?

Next, I will tell you how to earn money after uploading a video on YouTube. Read this below steps carefully to understand.

* Apply For Monetization

  To earn money from your YouTube videos, you have to turn on monetization. After turning on monetization, you will start earning income according to the views.

* Needed For Monetization

You should have 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel to turn on monetization and also have a watch time of 4000 hours only then you can apply for monetization.


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