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How To Download ptrc Challan

hello, friends hope you are doing well. And if you are searching for how to download ptrc challan then you are at the right place, in this blog we will tell you in great depth about how to download ptrc challan. Since there is numerous blog available on the internet on how to download ptrc challan and there are very few which tell you the whole process of how to download ptrc challan and correctly. That’s why in this blog, we will tell you the right procedure on how to download ptrc challan.

How to download ptrc challan step-by-step guide

Step 1: If the payment is successful, the system will redirect the customer to the Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax Department web portal. For the PTRC, separate “Cyber Receipts” will be generated.

Step 2: Taxpayers can save the electronic receipt for future correspondence.

Step 3: If the receipt is not generated instantly or if they are unable to do so, the taxpayer can download it afterward.

Step 4: The user must go to the MGSTD website to download the challans for the e-payment. Select the payments option for e-services, VAT, and Allied Acts after logging in.

Step 5: Pick the pending transaction history option and then click Act.

Step 6: After clicking the submit button, a list of all payments made under the Act will be showcased.

Step 7: The “Get Condition” button will appear in front of the Status column if the challan is in the pending or blank status.

Step 8: Selecting “Get Status” allows the user to obtain the current status. The “View Chalan” button will then take the place of the “Get Status” button. The “View Chalan” button on the taxpayer’s computer will allow them to generate a digital receipt.

Step 9: Keep the document that appears after a successful transaction to show the Maharashtra government that you paid your professional tax.

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how to download ptrc challan

A PTRC application must be submitted within 30 days of the date the state professional tax becomes due. He must submit an online application on time, or an authorized agency may impose penalties.

Regardless of where you live or operate your firm, you can pay your professional taxes online by going to the state’s website for sales or professional taxes. For the payment of professional tax, the state government has made new electronic payment technology available. The new method allows professional taxpayers to use the official website of the State Goods and Services Tax Department to make a single online payment for both the PTRC and the PTEC.

E-filing becomes a mandatory option if you pay your professional tax every month. For example, on the Mahavat website, you can file your professional tax in Maharashtra in a matter of seconds.

If your annual tax liability exceeds Rs. 50,000, you must file returns and make payments every month. You must pay your professional tax by the last day of the month following. If your total obligation is less than Rs. 50,000, you can file your taxes only once in March, at the end of the fiscal year.

How to download ptrc challan if you have registered yourself?

If you have registered before, then the government sends you the user Id and password. With the help of these 2 user IDs and passwords, you can download the ptrc challan. Please follow the following step on how to download the ptrc challan if you have registered yourself with the government.

  1. First go to the GST portal of the government of Maharashtra,
  2. There you will find, other act registration, click on that
  3. In this, you will see the option to download RC, click on that
  4. On the next, you can enter your PAN or TIN and download the ptrc challan.


People of Maharashtra are required to submit the ptrc challan in the process of filing income tax returns, so if you are going to file the income tax return, then you must know how to download the ptrc challan. We hope that our blog on how to download the ptrc challan was helpful to you. 

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