How To Do Gender Swap Filter On Capcut 2023 Simple Trick

How To Do Gender Swap Filter On Capcut

What is Capcut app?

 Friedns you wanna know how to do gender swap filter on capcut?, first let me explain to you what it is. CapCut is a super easy video editing app. You can use it on your phone to make cool videos. It lets you cut and join video clips, add music, text, and fun effects. It’s like magic for making your videos awesome. 

With this article, we will explain you, How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut. Whether you want to share fun moments, create cool content for social media, or just have a blast with your videos, CapCut makes it simple and fun. Give it a try!

What is Gender swap on capcut ?

Friends , if you wish to know How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut, you must know what feature this is, let me explain it to you, Gender swap on CapCut is a cool feature that lets you play around with the gender appearance of people in your videos. Imagine turning a friend into the opposite gender just for fun! But for that, you must know How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut, right!

You can use this feature to make funny or creative content. It’s like a virtual costume change, and it’s super easy to use. You can swap your own gender or anyone else’s in your videos. It’s a fun way to experiment and get creative with your video editing, whether it’s for entertainment or just adding a unique twist to your content. Give it a go! Let me explain you in detail How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut.

How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut?

Here’s a step by step guide on How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut:

Install and Launch CapCut:

First step on knowing How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut is to, make sure you’ve got CapCut installed on your device. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can find CapCut on the App Store. For those with Android phones, it’s waiting for you on the Google Play Store. Once it’s installed, just tap on the CapCut icon to open the app.

Import Your Video:

Alright, when you know the first step on How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut, now that you’ve got CapCut open, let’s bring in the video you want to work on with the Gender Swap filter. Look for a little “+” symbol somewhere on the app’s screen and give it a tap. 

This will take you to your device’s gallery where all your videos live. Just take your time scrolling through your videos until you find the one you want to use. Once you’ve got it, hit the import button (it might look like an arrow or something similar) to bring that video right into CapCut.

Apply the Gender Swap Filter:

Now that you’ve got your video in CapCut, it’s time for the fun part of your journey on How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut – applying the Gender Swap filter. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see different tabs, and one of them is called “Effects.” Give that tab a friendly tap. When you do, it’ll open up a bunch of cool filters and effects for you to choose from.

Now another important step in journey to find out How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut, is to find the Gender Swap filter faster, don’t scroll endlessly; instead, use the handy search bar in the Effects section. Type in something like “Gender Swap” or “Swap Filter” and let CapCut do the work. Once you spot the Gender Swap filter, tap on it, and boom! Your video now has that cool effect.

Adjust the Filter Settings:

CapCut doesn’t stop at just applying the Gender Swap filter; it lets you fine-tune things to make your video perfect. After you’ve added the filter, go ahead and explore the settings. You can make the swap stronger or softer, play around with skin tones, and even change hair colors if you want to get really creative. 

The best part? There’s no rush; you can take your sweet time to experiment and make your video look just the way you want it to. Keep making those adjustments until you’re totally happy with how your video looks.

That’s it! You’ve got the Gender Swap filter on your video, and you’ve tweaked it to perfection. CapCut makes it super easy, so have fun, get creative, and show off your amazing video editing skills to your friends! That’s how you can easily know How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut.

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What makes Gender swap filter so popular and topic of discourse?

1. Fun and Entertainment: The Gender Swap filter has gained popularity because it’s a lot of fun! People enjoy using it to see how they would look with different gender characteristics. It’s like trying on different costumes for a playful laugh.

2. Creativity and Exploration: Users appreciate the chance to get creative with their videos and photos. It allows them to explore different looks and experiment with their appearance in a light-hearted way.

3. Social Media Trend: The filter became trendy on social media platforms, with users sharing their transformed photos and videos. It’s a way to join in on the latest online trends and connect with others doing the same.

4. Curiosity and Self-Expression: Many people are simply curious about what they’d look like as the opposite gender. It’s a form of self-expression and curiosity that drives its popularity.

5. Controversy and Concerns: However, the filter isn’t without its controversies. Critics argue that it can reinforce gender stereotypes, invade privacy by collecting user data, and be insensitive to those with diverse gender identities. There are also concerns about its potential for misuse, like creating fake profiles or deepfake videos.

How to Make video with Capcut?

Friends, if you wanna know How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut, you might also wanna know how to make videos with capcut, so here’s a short guide for you.

Download and Install: First, go to your app store (Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS) and search for “CapCut.” Download and install the app.

Start a New Project: Open CapCut and tap on the “New Project” button to begin a new video editing project.

Add Media: Select the videos and photos you want to use in your project by tapping on “Add.” You can choose multiple clips from your device’s gallery.

Arrange Clips: Drag and drop the clips onto the timeline in the order you want them to appear in your video.

Edit Clips: Trim, split, or duplicate the clips as needed. This helps you remove unwanted parts or create interesting effects.

Add Elements: Enhance your video by adding music, text, stickers, and special effects. Just tap the respective buttons and follow the prompts.

Adjust Settings: Fine-tune your video by adjusting settings like speed and volume. You can make your video faster or slower, and control the audio levels.

Preview: Before finalizing, preview your video to make sure everything looks perfect and plays smoothly.

Export Your Video: Once you’re satisfied, tap the “Export” button. You can save your edited video to your device or directly share it on your favorite social media platforms.


Friends, hope you like the article on How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut. This article is not just helpful for you in knowing How to do Gender Swap filter on Capcut, but also on how to make videos with capcut. Since you are interested in knowing how to gender swap on capcut, we have added you a little bit of information related to its popularity or you can say controversy, hope you like it.

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