How To Book Local Train Tickets Online | Complete Guide 2023

How To Book Local Train Tickets Online

Hello friends, if you are planning any trip in the near future, and planning to go to your destination by local train, then you must know how to book local train tickets online. Nowadays, despite having many apps and websites for booking train tickets, people are not able to do that properly because of an excess number of people doing it online at the same time. If you are struggling to do the same, stick with this article till the end, we will tell you how to book local train tickets online.

It is simple to book a local train ticket online. People can now book this ticket online from the ease of their own homes, due to advances in technology. Nowadays, train compartments can quickly fill up, particularly during the summer and on weekends.

Another option for purchasing movie tickets is to use an online ticket booking site. You can now book a local train ticket online in India, Calcutta, or Banglore anywhere else in the country and still get huge discounts. Booking these tickets is simple these days because there are numerous options. In this article, we will tell you how to book local train tickets online.

How to Book local train tickets online using Paytm

Open the Paytm app: On your Android device, look for a white icon with the word Paytm written on it. It is the Paytm app’s trademark icon. Tap on it to launch the Paytm app.

Select “Train Tickets”: You will see a “Train Tickets” option with a train logo on the Paytm application. Simply select that option to book your train tickets.

Tap on the origin city: To begin searching for trains, we must first enter the city of origin. To begin searching for the city of origin, tap on the box.

To start a name, tap the box: You must enter the name of the city or station from which you want to book your ticket online. Just type two of the city’s 3 words and you’ll get recommendations.

Enter the following information for your source city or station: Enter the city from which you want to depart, for example, Varanasi in the box, and you will be presented with options from which you must select the appropriate option.

To join the destination, click the other box: You will also need to enter the destination, which you can do by tapping on the box below the origin city.

Simply press on the Destination box to insert the name of your destination city. As soon as you begin typing the name, you will receive various recommendations. 

Enter your destination city here: In the destination box, try typing the name of the place you want to visit. 

Click on the date: You will need to select the date you will be traveling on. To do so, simply tap on the calendar that appears just below the date.

Choose a date: A calendar will appear, allowing you to select the date you want to travel.

Select a date: A calendar will appear, allowing you to select the date you want to travel. Simply tap on the date you intend to travel, and the exact date will be selected.

After entering all of the details about your journey and ensuring that the information is correct, you can now tap on the “search trains” option at the end of the page.

Choose your train and class: There will be several trains on that route. Choose the most appropriate train for you, as well as the class. A Train has different types of classes, such as 2Ac, 3AC,  SL( sleeper), and so on. Select the class you want to travel in. Finally, after selecting the train and the date, you must enter your IRCTC user id to proceed with the transaction.

Select Proceed: After entering the user id and confirming that it is correct. Tap the Proceed button to the right of the User ID box.

Enter the Traveler Information: After entering the IRCTC login information, we must now enter the traveler information. Fill in the full name of the person who will be traveling on that ticket. Make sure to include their full name as it appears on their ID. IDs such as Adhaar cards, PAN cards, and others.

Insert the Traveler’s Age: In the box provided, enter the traveler’s age. It is critical to enter this information correctly and follow a valid ID proof.

You have the option of selecting a berth: If you have a preference for a berth, you can tap on the box and enter your preference.

Select from the options: You will have several options for birth, such as Lower berth, Middle berth, and so on. Select the desired option by tapping it.

Click on Done: After entering all of your information and selecting your preferred berth, you can now tap on the “Done” option at the bottom of the page.

Insert your Contact Information: Insert your mobile phone number to receive updates on your journey. Make sure you insert the correct mobile number because all information about the train, such as the ticket, PNR, and delays, will be sent to this number.

Fill in your email address: If you want to take a printout of your ticket, a copy will be sent to this email. You will also receive email updates about the trip.

Select “Proceed to Book”: After providing all of the basic information about your journey and the traveler, select the “Proceed to Book” option at the bottom of the page.

Click “Proceed to Pay”: Review all of your Train’s details, including departure and arrival times. Tap on proceed to pay now.

Select a Payment Method: There are several payment methods available; simply tap on the one you want to use.

Insert your card number: Enter your card number in the provided box. Make sure you enter the correct card number because you will be paying with this card.

Enter your expiration date: Enter your expiration date in the MM/YY format. Because Paytm is a trusted platform, entering your credentials here is completely safe.

Enter your CVV number: Your CVV number can be found on the back of the card. Simply enter the three-digit CVV into the provided box. Do not give out your CVV number to anyone.

Click on Pay securely: After entering all of your debit card information and ensuring that it is correct. At the end of the page, we can now select the “Pay securely” option.

Enter OTP: An OTP (Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number, which you must enter in the provided box. After entering your OTP number, you can click the Submit button.

Booking Successful: After a successful payment, you will see this message, indicating that your train ticket has been booked successfully. Paytm will send you a series of SMS messages about your PNR number and other details.

If you follow these steps then you know “How To Book Local Train Tickets Online”

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FAQ – How To Book Local Train Tickets Online

Is it necessary to have an IRCTC account to book a ticket online?

Yes. It is necessary to have an IRCTC account to book an online ticket. The online ticket can be booked by any platform other than Paytm also. But in all cases, IRCTC accounts are required.

Can an online ticket be booked for people below the age of 18 years?

All Children above the age of 5 are required to carry a ticket while traveling on the train.

Is it possible to book more than one ticket at the same time?

Yes. It can be done, you just have to add information about multiple passengers in the given option and then you can book the ticket for them.


Gone are the days, when people used to stand in the queue to take offline tickets. Nowadays there are various platforms through which you can book online tickets sitting at your home. You can either do it from the IRCTC website or the Paytm app. We hope that by the end of this article you know How to book local train tickets online.

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