Current promo code for pin up casino

Pin up casino publishes fresh promo codes every week. Casino customers have several ways to get an exclusive bonus.

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How to get a promo code for registration

The prize promo code for pin up casino comes in a variety of formats. It can be a registration coupon, a bonus for downloading the mobile app, or for completing verification. Pin-up casino has a system of tasks that are periodically updated and allow users to get some types of gifts for free.

The administration is ready to give out three types of bonuses at once for registration:

  • The customer will be able to get a no-deposit gift. This bonus is activated several times per season. To do this, the player needs to find a promo code and activate it immediately after creating a profile. The easiest way to find the no deposit coupon is to subscribe to the club’s official Telegram.
  • The player can increase the starting deposit by several times. The operator promises that any starting amount from the minimum will increase by 100%. That is why professionals try to enter Pin Up with large deposits.
  • The gambler will be able to get more than 250 slot machine free spins. To do so, a certain amount must be deposited on the balance. The exact limit is prescribed by the operator in the promotion section. Freespins can be activated up to 50 per day.

Starting bonuses can be activated immediately after activating an account. The player needs to go to the cashier section, select a bank card or e-wallet and deposit the designated amount. The visitor will then be able to go to the bonuses section and confirm their participation in the promotion.

How personal coupons are issued

Registered Pin Up players recommend paying special attention to the loyalty system. This bonus structure is based on statuses. Promoting them helps to increase the percentage of Cashback, to get the best exchange rate of virtual coins for real money. In addition, the visitor has access to personal bonus codes.

Individual bonuses can be divided into two groups:

  • The gambler receives pin coins. It is just this virtual currency that the operator offers to exchange for real money. The exchange rate is linked to the status. VIP clients can get the most money for betting.
  • The player gets real money for the bonus balance. The administration does not regulate the frequency of these gifts. The bonus may be given only once a month. Other players get several coupons a day at once. It all depends on the activity of the gambler.

To prove their loyalty is easy. To do this, the gambler needs to enter the personal cabinet every day and make at least a minimum amount in the account. It is also important to scroll this money in the slot machines. Even if the visitor will constantly win, the administration will still ensure the issuance of promo codes of a personal type.

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