Top 9 Best Apps For YouTubers In 2021 – YouTube Creators Ke Liye Useful Apps

If you are a YouTuber then you must have these 9 apps. Today I will tell you about top 9 best free apps for YouTubers in 2022 which are useful for every Youtuber. If you have these 9 apps, then you will not have to work hard and you will be able to run your YouTube career easily.

So let’s know about top 9 best free apps for YouTubers in 2021. We will see with those app lists and also know what is the use of those apps.

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Top 9 Best Apps For YouTubers In 2022

1. YouTube App

Friends, the most important YouTube app, through this app you can upload your video, put tags, write in description and give the title, without this app you cannot be on YouTube.

Let me tell you about it in short.

• Video uploading

• Title, Description

• Tags

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2. YouTube Studio

In YouTube Studio you can do a lot of things like analyzing your channel, checking the subscriber, changing the title of your video and many more, you can also change the thumbnail of your video if you are on YouTube. You must have it yourself.

Let me tell you about it in short.

• Replying to comment

• Change the video title and thumbnail

• Analyzing your channel

• Subscriber check

• Checking videos news

• and many more

Download: YT Studio

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3. PixalFlow

PixalFlow App is very important for you, with this app you can create a professional intro for your YouTube channel, it will make your channel look branded, you can easily change the background in the pickup channels and add animated text and make your channel’s intro.

Let me also tell you about this in short.

• Create animated text

• Colorful background

• Intro making

Download: pixalflow

4. Background Erasers

If you want to make a thumbnail for youtube videos then you will need this app. With this app, you can clear the background of any image.

And you can use that background-clear image in your thumbnail, which increases the chances of more clicks on your video.

Let me tell you a little about this too.

• Clear background of an image.

Download: Background eraser

5. PixalLab

PixalLab app is the most important app. It also happens to be one of the biggest YouTube and near. Because with this app you can create a professional thumbnail for your YouTube videos. In this app, you have been given many options to make your thumbnail, you can make a professional thumbnail through it.

Using this app is not very difficult, you just have to select the size of the YouTube Thumbnail and select the background and add text to it by adding PNG to it and then your Thumbnail will be created. Not only you can create a thumbnail with this app.

Let me tell you in short about what you can do through this app.

• Create Professional Thumbnail

• Create Youtube Channel Banner

• Create Facebook Cover Art

• Create Google + cover photo

Download: Pixallab

6. Google Adsense App

If you are on YouTube, then you will know about the Google Adsense app, through this app you can earn money.

Through this app you can also check impressions, CTR and you will also know how much money you have earned today.

I tell you about it in short.

• Check CTR

• Check Today earning

• Check Impression

• Many more

Download: Google Adsense

7. Smart Voice Recorder

The smart voice recorder is also very important for you. If you do not have your primary microphone, then you can run your work with this app. Because it records sound in high quality and does not even have background noise. Meaning this app is also noise cancellation.

Let me tell you in the short

• Record high-quality sound

Download: Smart Voice Recorder 

8. Screen Recorder

If you are on YouTube then you must know what is a screen recorder and its works. Screen recorder is very important for every YouTuber. Because through screen recording shows you all on YouTube. Or say it explains. If you are also on YouTube, then you must also have a screen recorder.

You can use the screen recorder very easily, just turn on the screen recording and you can explain what you want to your audience.

Let me tell you in short.

• Record screen

Download: Screen Recorder

9. KineMaster

If you are on YouTube and want to edit your video professionally, then you will need a kinemaster application. Because only you can edit your video professionally with a kinemaster.

It is very easy to edit video in the KineMaster. You can edit the video as you wish in the kinemaster. You can explain your audience by writing the text above the video.

Let me tell you some of its highlighted points.

• Trim video

• Text on video

• Change the voice

• Edit video like a professional

Download: Kinemaster


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