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As someone constantly in search of the next great tool to streamline the writing process, I stumbled upon Immediately, I found myself comparing it to, a well-known writing assistant in the AI sphere. 

The more I explored, the more I found myself leaning toward its robust features and intelligent design. So, let’s unpack the magic of this innovative tool and explore why it could be the worthy alternative to you’ve been seeking. Buckle up as I delve into a detailed comparison that might just reshape your writing world. An Excellent Competitor and, powered by AI technology present themselves as competent tools for generating content, be it short-form or long-form. Both excel in providing services like paraphrasing, blog writing, editing, and even chatbots, making the decision between them tough.

Yet, subtle differences exist and tilt the scale in favor of one. surpasses when it comes to affordability and the breadth of features, particularly within the domain of paraphrasing.

In the following sections, I’ll discuss whether stands as the most cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to

What is is a complete AI-powered writing platform created by ASKSEO. More than just spinning words and sentences, it brings to the table advanced tools that help in every aspect of content creation.

Here’s what makes stand out:

  • AI Article Generator
  • Paraphraser 
  • AI Editor
  • Plagiarism checker
  • 20+ free tools 
  • ChatBabu

What is

Jasper, co-founded by Chris Hull and Dave Rogenmoser, is an AI writing assistant leveraging the powerful GPT-3 technology. It is a popular platform for its ability to generate top-tier content swiftly.
This writing assistant presents you with the means to generate distinct content for your enterprise. Be it blog articles, landing pages, social media content, advertisements, emails, newsletters, or more.

Here’s what makes Jasper stand out:

  • Long-form document editor.
  • 40+ ready-made templates
  • A ChatGPT-esque feature termed Jasper Chat.
  • Jasper Art and Features comparison 

When it comes to the feature comparison between and, there are a few critical points to consider. Both of these AI writing tools have their unique offerings, making them stand out in the AI content creation industry.
Let’s dive into a detailed comparison of their features, helping you decide if is a good alternative to or not.
Here is the quick overview of what both tools offer:
Free tools✔️
Plagiarism Checker✔️✔️
Grammar checker ✔️✔️
Sentence rephraser✔️
Audio, image-to-text input✔️
Multiple Language Support✔️✔️
Templates variety✔️
AI image generation ✔️
Chrome Extension✔️✔️

Output quality 

When it comes to content creation, the quality of content decides the fate of any tool.


I created a blog using and to see the difference between the results. 

Here’s the blog generated by using Jasper:

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This content piece is more or less complete except for a proper introduction and conclusion. With appropriate formatting, grammar, and spacing. It’s just a few edits away from being ready to publish.


Now let’s take a look at the output for the same article generated using the AI Article generator by

Enter the title and the keywords, and watch the AI do its magic. It crafts a full-length blog post, complete with fitting headings and subheadings. This makes your article easy to navigate, improving readability and SEO score.

While it’s clear that’s generated article requires some editing before it is publication-ready, the quality is impressively close. In several aspects, it even surpasses Unlike Jasper, can also create meta descriptions and meta titles, adding to its usefulness. 


The is a winner here. Mainly because it creates a well-structured article with comprehensive headings and subheadings, eliminating the need for you to brainstorm and insert these manually. Reference links are also provided to cross-check any information. 

Paraphrasing tool and both offers rewriting services. Jasper’s paraphrasing tool can be found in one of the templates named as “content rewriter”., on the other hand, offers a pretty extensive tool for rephrasing the text called “paraphraser”. brings to the table a potent rewriting feature called “Content Rewriter.” The process of using is simple and intuitive and just a matter of a few steps.

  • The first step involves entering the text you wish to rewrite. 
  • Set a specific writing goal, such as “improve the sentence structure.” 
  • Select the tone you want your content to have; this could be professional, casual, or anything in between.
  • Hit the ‘Generate’ button and let work its magic. Now you have paraphrased text that aligns with the objectives and tone you’ve specified. offers unique flexibility. It allows you to decide the output language and even how many paraphrased versions you want. You can paraphrase 2500 characters at one time. This flexibility helps you create diversified content and appeals to a wider range of audiences, especially if you’re targeting multilingual users. stands out with its comprehensive rephrasing tool, designed to cater to diverse rewriting needs. Here’s what it offers and how you can make use of it:

  • The first step is as straightforward as it gets – simply enter the text you wish to rephrase.
  • Choose from one of the eight available paraphrasing modes. Each mode serves a unique purpose:
  • Free Rewriter (free): It offers basic paraphrasing. 
  • Text Improver (free): This mode simplifies writing style and fixes sentence structure.
  • Near Human (free): It offers human-level rewriting.
  • Plagiarism Remover (premium): It makes the content original and unique free from plagiarism. 
  • Creative (premium): It infuses creativity into the writing.
  • Academic (premium): This mode is particularly for research purposes.
  • Quill Text (premium): It streamlines writing with clear and concise language.
  • Sentence Rephraser (premium): This mode specifically rephrases each sentence.
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  • After selecting the appropriate mode, choose the tone of the text. This can range from casual to formal, depending on your requirements.
  • Hit the ‘Paraphrase Now’ button, and the system will present you with your rephrased text.

The tool also offers a built-in AI editor and a text summarizer. With each mode offering 20,000 characters per paraphrase,’s rephrasing tool is an all-in-one solution, catering to all your rewriting needs.

Both and offer compelling paraphrasing tools designed to cater the rewriting needs. shines with its comprehensive set of paraphrasing modes and ability to paraphrase up to 20,000 characters per instance. Additionally, it allows the audio, image-to0text and speech-to-text input. 

Template Variety

In terms of the variety and number of templates offered, both and are well-equipped. However, they cater to slightly different writing needs. 

  • excels with more than 50 advanced templates, designed specifically for complex writing tasks. This extensive template library makes Jasper a robust tool for a variety of writing tasks, be it blog posts, emails, ads, or social media content.
For example, it offers 10+ templates just for blog writing. 

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  • on the other hand does not provide templates like Jasper but it offers a multi-faceted approach with its diverse range of tools. 

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Apart from a premium AI Article generator, a wide variety of other free tools facilitate every type of writing. For example, it has tools like ‘Poem Generator’, ‘Essay Generator’, ‘Cover letter generator’’ and ‘Blog Outline generator’, and ‘LinkedIn Post Generator’ to name a few. 

Winner here is a clear winner. Most of the above-mentioned tools are completely free making the first choice of writers. 

Plagiarism checker 

Both and operate on AI technology gathering information from the databases to which they have access. Therefore, the concern about plagiarism is valid when it comes to AI-generated content. 


Plagiarism-checking feature is not included text generation plan. This could be an extra step in your content creation process, potentially affecting your productivity and efficiency. 


In contrast, includes an inbuilt plagiarism checker, that is available in all premium packages. This tool gives you peace of mind knowing that you can not only generated content but also maintains its integrity.

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In the area of plagiarism checking, undoubtedly has the upper hand.

AI Chatbots

With the emergence of Chatgpt, Jasper, and has both launched their AI chatbots.


Jasper Chat, with its simple and intuitive interface can be a perfect writing tool. It makes the process of crafting content smooth and straightforward. Much like ChatGPT, it uses its AI model to generate coherent and engaging content, making it a solid choice for diverse writing tasks. Below is the result when I asked it to generate a paragraph about the keto diet. 

krRH VPuzAxWUPyk34oxXbhcV6sgmWKcaU4YDFdsLISDjS5TD5SJWXKqbdRkg7lBQuap3rb7KDsJWMe5wMe0ASR2iKU98MmU4Ryy hlw7BTpqPWnyJTVCdylLtI1QBX0YkGYEjWlY03R6OD18nQcz4
  • platform, stands out as a free alternative to ChatGPT called ChatBABU. It is an excellent tool for content generation, whether you need to draft an email for resignation or write a compelling blog post. It’s an ideal choice for users seeking a budget-friendly yet effective AI writing tool. also offers to Ask Babupedia for up-to-date knowledge for factual questions.

wg10O X3DBRDKO0Xc2JT4PefGRJ4X nREnAnKUiCp9FDfD1XSIi G5LzLYkBr93vDYjcxAf0OjMjbHKdEI7S5ylYztK0OlUOBueZvNzdVfG f0KGwnJ01 vlNqqR2EpWYaOLpuYWmuG fOg6aWMEuZY

Winner again leads with an additional Ask Babupedia feature. 

Long-form editor 

Comparing the editors of both tools, I can see how each one’s unique features cater to various user requirements. 

  • prides itself on its long-form document editor, a staple of all AI writing tools. This feature is easily accessible and provides an intuitive user interface for creating and structuring long-form content, such as articles and blog posts. 

  •, on the other hand, offers a distinctive AI Editor, specifically designed for crafting long-form content. Its functionalities go beyond the usual formatting options and alignment adjustments. 

The AI editor presents innovative features, such as the ability to rephrase text, simplify complex sentences, expand short ones, add bullet points, provide examples, explain complex ideas, suggest subtopics, and even change the tone of the content. 

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Additionally, it boasts an inbuilt research panel, which allows you to gather information from credible sources without leaving the editor. Other interesting features are its translation and paraphrasing capabilities. 

Winner’s AI editor offers more versatile features that cater to a broader range of writing tasks, making it the best tool for writers of all kinds. 

AI Image Generation

AI Image Generation is a unique and handy feature offered by Jasper. It enhances your content creation process by generating AI-powered artwork based on specific prompts.


With Jasper Art, you can generate images by simply providing a description and style, following the equation: subject + description + style. Jasper utilizes DALL-E2 as its underlying model, enabling it to produce captivating and unique art pieces according to your given prompts.

  • does not have this feature as yet. 


Jasper is a winner here for AI image generation. 

Language support 

Both tools are multilingual and support many languages. 


Jasper supports 24 languages, which, while quite impressive, falls slightly short in comparison to


When it comes to language support, takes the lead by offering support for over 30 languages. This is an incredibly useful feature for content creators and marketers operating in multicultural or international environments, who need to generate content in various languages. 

Winner emerges as the more flexible option for users seeking more comprehensive language support. 

Chrome extension 


With you can create content seamlessly from your web browser; be it crafting compelling emails, insightful articles, and engaging blog posts.

  • has the Chrome extension for its rewriting tool but it does not offer it for AI Article Generator as of now.


Jasper should be your choice if you want to generate long-form content in Chrome. 

Pricing and Jasper offer multiple price plans. This is what the starting prices for both of them look like: 

Monthly Yearly Starts from $15$12 per month
Jasper.aiStarts from $49$39 per month

Winner is an economical option when compared with

Final Verdict: Does Wins? and both have proven to be powerful allies in the field of AI writing. Both offer impressive features and ease of use, delivering quality content. But you have to choose the one, then is really the better alternative to

Absolutely yes! stands out with its unique paraphrasing modes, built-in plagiarism checker, and affordable pricing., on the other hand, shines with its highly interactive and user-friendly long-form editor. It is also a great choice for AI image generation. 

However, considering the overall value for money, seems to have a slight edge. Its wider array of tools, including an AI content generator that even takes care of meta descriptions and titles, puts it a step ahead.

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